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Traveling around the USA and visiting countries has allowed me to experience differing cultures and helped to broaden my insight and understanding of other ways of life. Wheelchair travelers need to plan the journey ahead of time and understand the destination being traveling to and its accessibility. We may see a location on TV or the Internet and wish to experience it but to do so an understanding of its accessibility is needed to be known. We all know that accessible to one person is not the same to another. I will try to give my insight and experience of places visited and my impression of the cities, hotels, local attractions, and transportation, along with the feeling I get while being there.

About Peter

I have used a wheelchair for a good portion of my adult life and have been able to travel and enjoy many places in USA and around the world. For years I was involved in wheelchair sports, primarily wheelchair road racing, which gave me the opportunity to travel and it created in me a desire to do more.

I have traveled across the United States and Canada, to Europe a number of times, and to Japan. My wife, Sherrie, and I have enjoyed Italy, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Hawaii and many other parts of the USA, along with Vancouver, where I grew up, and recently we, my wife Sherrie and I, took an Alaskan cruise from there. These travel experiences have been incredible but planning for travel while using a wheelchair needs forethought, planning, and the willingness to gain an understanding of the location and accommodations that will be needed when journeying to a new place.

Peter Brookes - Traveler

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